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Winter League 2017/18

On The Downloads page of our website is a printable version of our Winter League 2017/18 Registration Forms.

All league games have now been played

Winners Div 1   George B

Runners Up  Div 1  ElephantsHead


Winners  Div 2 Campbell Arms

Runners Up  Div 2  Painters Ash

we also have our first winners of our kos

Div 1 house Champion

Winner M Finch George B

Runner Up I Dixon Pelham A 

Div 2 House Champion

Winner P Glission  Istead Rise Club

Runner up M Gulliver  Ascot 

Winter League Fixtures have been posted on the website and the paper copies will be with the respected venues in the next couple of days

(There is a Downloadable Copy of the Winter League Fixtures on the download page of this website)

Cancelled Games

 The teams that are canceling games must contact the fixture and result Secretary failure to do so will result in the game being void. phone number 07864203599


All Results Sheets are to be sent to The George Inn, Queen St and will be collected by the RESULTS & FIXTURES SECRETARY ONLY. You can e-mail or text the Result but your sheet still needs to be in by that Wednesday. If you scan & e-mail the Results Sheet then please get the original to the George Inn as soon as you possibly can.


Please do not contact Committee Members with gripes about issues in the league or with another team through Facebook, Twitter etc or by text message/phone call . You may not get a favourable response and there is no guarantee that what you are complaining about will get raised at the next Committee/Captains Meeting.

The correct method for contacting the committee on league matters is in writing c/o The George Inn, Queen St, or via e-mail to

It has been brought to the attention of the committee that on occasion matches have run beyond 11pm. While darts is a fun night out, some people get up early for work and quite understandably do not want to be out excessively late.

The committee would remind teams of the League Rules and Regulations which state: Matches start at 20:30

If you book taxis to visit another venue, please try and get your booking as early as possible.
There is no need to sit around for half an hour while the buffet comes out; carry straight on with the singles draw, and start the first game. The captains can always sort out a plate of grub for the players at the oche.

When a match is won, and you are running close to closing time, we suggest you drop the remaining singles to 1 leg. To clarify, whether you play best of 3 or just the one leg, ONE difference point goes to the winner.

REMINDER - Super League Players
In previous Seasons we have identified instances where a Team may have inadvertently signed more than one Super League Player. To avoid doubt - a Super League Player is a player who played or registered for the 2013/14 season and is therefore still registered until Feb. 2015. All Team lists and match sheets WILL be checked against surrounding County Super League lists. If you have accidentally signed, or think you have signed, more than one Super League Player please let us know. We do not want to but we WILL award matches 11-0 (or deduct legs and points
) if this rule is found to have been broken.